Introduction to District Kinnaur:

The Kinnaur district is one of the twelve administrative districts of Himachal Pradesh. This district is given the special status of tribal district as schedule 5 area under the constitution of India. The district came into existence on 1st  May 1960. Earlier it was a part of Mahasu district. Presently, the district headquarter is located at Reckong Peo. Kinnaur is located between 77°45’ and 79°00’35” East longitudes and between 31°05’50” and 32°05’15” north altitudes. Kinnaur is bound by Tibet and Uttaranchal on the east, Shimla district in south-west, Kullu and Lahaul-Spiti district in the north-west. Kinnaur district has a mountainous topography, ranging in altitude from 1,600 m to 6,816 m, having steep valleys carved by streams and rivulets having their origin in the glaciated ridges. Most of the Kinnaur has a temperate climate due to its high elevation, with long winters from October to May and short summers from June to September. The lower parts of the Satluj valley and the Baspa valley receive monsoon rains. The upper areas of these valleys and lower reaches of Spiti valley in Kinnaur fall in the rain shadow area. These areas are considered to be arid regions, having climate similar to Tibet. In District Kinnaur, ‘Single Line Administration’ was introduced in April 1988 till July 1996 and reintroduced in September 1998. Under this system, Deputy Commissioner is conferred Powers of Head of Departments in respect of all the Departments located in the District. Administrative and other important people of District Kinnaur are as under: